Speakers 2022-12


Hiroshi Ochi
Graduate school of Computer Science
Kyushu Institute of Technology

Keynote title: AI Based Wireless Communication Standard Classification

Hiroshi Ochi received his B.E. and M.E. degrees in electronics engineering from Nagaoka Institute of Technology, Japan, in 1981 and 1984, respectively. He also received Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1991. He was with University of the Ryukyus from 1986 till 1999 as an assistant and an associate professor. He also received MBA degree from Kyushu University in 2007. He is currently with Kyushu Institute of Technology as a professor in computer and communication engineering department from 1999. His current research interests include signal processing for wireless communication system, VLSI chip design and MOT education. He also organizes a venture company Radrix Co. Ltd. as a CEO.

Prof. Seung Hyun Lee
Ingenium College, Kwangwoon University, Korea

■ Ph.D. Department of Electronic Engineering, Kwangwoon University
■ M.S. Department of Electronic Engineering, Kwangwoon University
■ B.S. Department of Electronic Engineering, Kwangwoon University

■ IHMA(International Hologram Manufacturers Association) Board Member (2015~present)
■ ISDH(International Symposium on Display Holography) 2021 chairman (present)
■ ISU(International Stereoscopic Union) chairman (2014~2015)
■ ISO TC 172/SC 9/WG 7 Board Member (2012~present)
■ SPIE Conference Chair (Practical Holography) (2018~present)

■ Development of holographic stereogram printing technology based on multi-view imaging / GM
■ Research and development of realistic content device technology(ITRC) / GM
■ The development of a full parallax hologram contents printing pipeline / GM
■ Development of R&D Human Resources in the Digital Human Holoportation / GM
■ Full color 360 degree 3D holographic video making technology / GM
■ Development of hologram authoring tool technology for creating hologram printing content based on 3D information / GM
■ Active sensor-based HD 3D Depth camera development / GM
■ Development of a hogel printer for complete 3D hologram production / GM
■ Content production for digital holography / GM